Sunday, June 18, 2017

We changed travel plans. Here’s what’s new!

Because of the storms and snow in Banff and Jasper we opted for a different travel plan. Here is where we are from June 10-17.
  1. June 3-5: Eagle Nest RV, Polson, Montana
  2. June 6: Elko Rest Stop, BC
  3. June 7-9: Bow River Provincial Park & Willow Rock Campgrounds, AB
  4. June 10: Springhill RV Park, Cochrane, AB
  5. June 11: Walmart, Whitecourt, AB
  6. June 12: Hythe Municipal Campground, Hythe, AB
  7. June 13: Sikanni River Campground, AB
  8. June 14: Rest Stop near Summit Peak, AB
  9. June 15: Tags RV Campground, Watson Lake, YT
  10. June 16: Teslin Campground, Teslin, YT
  11. June 17: Caribou RV Campground, Whitehorse, YT

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