Sunday, May 28, 2017

We begin the journey!

We travel to Alaska beginning Memorial Day, 2017, with the first stop in Grand Forks, ND where we will end up by September 1.

Let me introduce you to our camper. We traded in our Class B for a Class C in December 2016. With a few modifications, we have made it our own. Here is a look at our Gulfstream Cavalier 2001:

 We are only 22 feet long.

 What you do not see to the left of this picture is a full cabinet for toiletries and medicine.

We have both a microwave and oven! The cabinet to the right has shelves for a pantry.
The refrigerator runs on both LP and electric. The cabinet on the left is for folded clothes.
We added the cupboard above the driving area for more storage.
Our screen tent and chairs, plus "Sunday golf bags" are stored to the left. A TV is tucked in on the right.
The bed is not huge, but manageable. The mirrored door is to the bathroom.

There you have it--our home away from home. I will upload some information about our trip tomorrow and give you an idea of our plans (hopefully a week in advance).

Roughly, our current plans are to go to Alaska and return to the States by August, be in Casper, WY for the total solar eclipse at Duane's brother's home. Then, we will be headed back to Grand Forks, ND to work through to mid-November. Duane drives a semi truck for a farmer there for the harvest. He will be hauling such things as potatoes, soybeans, edible beans, and some corn. I hope to work part-time there are well. Then, before Thanksgiving, we will head home for about six weeks. 

As you may know, we may or may not have Wifi in some of the places where we will be staying. I will endeavor to keep the journal up to date, but may not be able to publish and upload pictures until we are again in Wifi. 

We covet your prayers as we travel for a safe and physically uneventful trip.