Saturday, June 10, 2017

June 6: Left USA

We left Polson at 9:45a at 66 degrees and with sunny skies. Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater large lake west of the Mississippi and runs 27 miles in length.
It is a beautiful drive around the lake. We drove the west route, although we have driven the eastern route that goes very close to the edge of the lake.

The drive took us west of Glacier Park, but we saw a few of the tallest mountains from there.

We had a few stops prior to entering into Canada, but had no difficulty at the entry point of Roosville. The drive and stops put us out and, as we found no good campsite for the two rigs, we stopped at a rest stop at Elko, BC by 4:30p. 

Surprisingly the rest stop was relatively quiet.

  • Thrift store called “Seconds to Go”
  • Fence made from old bikes painted in all kinds of colors (sorry, no picture).
  • Store: “Sudden Rush Expresso”
  • Store: “Nothing Fancy Gift Shop”

 Drove: 165 miles

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