Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 2: No Internet (Updated)

The morning was a bright and sunny 53 degrees and we left for Great Falls around 8:15a. Our concern about the pronghorn alleviated a bit today as we saw several groups—one of just over a dozen. It was good to see that.

A good share of our day was doing errands around Great Falls, MT. We were able to buy a new LP leak detector. However, the muffler end that was knocked off is going to be a bigger problem and we may have to go without using the generator because it is terribly LOUD!!

We spent the night in a site where we had no internet or cell phone connection. In addition, we were alone most of the night in the campground. It was still sunny and 65 degrees as we set up for the night.

A sheriff stopped by and told us that we were very lucky that we were at the campground this weekend. Normally, the teenagers from town (I’m assuming Missoula) party up here. However, this was graduation weekend and everyone will be in town. Thank you, Lord!

As you can see, we are on a river. This is the Blackfoot River and it is running fast with spring snow runoff.

Good Church Signs:
·       “Sign is broken, Message inside, Sunday at 10 am”
·       “Choose the Bread of Life, or you’re toast.”
·       “eFaith Church” – Seems that this church, aside from Sunday services, keeps their parishioners growing through an active daily devotional online.

·       Every gas station seems to have a casino on the side or back of the building.

Drove: 202 miles

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