Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1: Crossing Montana

We woke early this morning and were on the way by 7:19a. It was 52 degrees and sunny as we left Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Crossing eastern Montana involves seeing Badlands, craggy hills, flat land, and lots and lots of sagebrush. Most of the ranches raise cattle or sheep. There are only crops (other than hay) planted in the flatter areas. Large ranches are the norm with gates festooned with the ranch's name. If there was a retreat here among these crags (with air conditioning), it would make for a great location. There is something quite beautiful about the barrenness.
Sometimes the road just seemed like it would go forever............
After 3:00p we began looking for a place to camp and were unsuccessful. One place where we had planned on staying (just west of Lewistown, MT) wanted $24 for a site with no electric, showers, water, dump, etc.--not worth it!!

We ended up trying to find a US Forestry campsite in Stanford and, while looking, came across a van leaving a church building. Duane flagged the driver down and asked if we could stay in their parking lot. It turned out that they had electric, water, and a dump available for campers--we were not asked to pay for the site, but we hope to leave them a donation in the morning for this gracious offer. The church was built by its members and is really wonderful. Here's a look at Calvary Community Church of Stanford, MT.

Oddities for the Day:
  • As we are driving and looking for Pronghorn, we were seeing quite a few sheep. However, on this one ranch gate, there were hanging three wolf carcasses. We think that he was making some kind of statement. What do you think? 

Animals seen today:
  • Deer
  • Pronghorn
    • In past trips west we have seen herds of Pronghorn. However, on these past two trips, we have not seen the numbers that we have seen before. Although we saw more than a dozen, there was one group of three, but the rest were in either a group of two or a single animal. 
Day has been sunny for the most part, even getting to 82 degrees. Clouds have come in late in the afternoon and we have had some showers. It is currently 64 degrees with a chance of more rain overnight.                 Drove: 380 miles  

Prayer Needs:

  • We seem to have a faulty CO/LP Leak Detector. It started beeping without any LP being turned on. Now we have to find out if there is a problem (and how much it will cost). Great Falls, here we come!

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