Sunday, June 18, 2017

June 16: Traveled to Teslin

We start out the day at 55 degrees and sun, but the weather becomes spotty. We stopped along the way at a rest stop for lunch and Duane spotted a mountain that he thought resembled George a little and called it George Mountain. What is funny is that a few feet down the road there was a George’s Gorge! What do you think?

This was the one time today that we could see the mountains as the clouds covered them the rest of the afternoon. Here was our view at this stop.

At Rancheria Falls we decided that a walk to stretch our legs was a great idea. The path brought us to where the river divided and produced two falls.
We went over the Continental Divide today. However, the weather became nasty! We had a little hail and then near snow on the windshield. The day ended with us staying at Teslin Lake Campground. Teslin Lake is 84 miles long and the name means “long and narrow.” It is long, but the average width is 2 miles. It would have been beautiful, had the weather not been so cold and wet.

Drove: 173 miles

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