Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 3-5: Polson, MT (Updated)

With no internet, spotty cell service and the sound of the river next to the campsite, we slept 10 hours and woke up to 48 degrees.

After some errands in Missoula, we noticed that the geography changed from limestone to granite. Walls of the valley were pillared—spectacular. Yet, the change in scenery from mountainous to valley to rolling landscape was wonderful to see. God has truly created a landscape to fit every creature that He has created and every plant that He has envisioned.
On the way up to Polson, MT, we stopped at the St. Ignatious Mission. It was wonderful to see all of the frescos painted by the cook. There are many, many items to see in this chapel. 
One of my favorite ones was the prodigal son.

We finally got together with our friend, George S. Here is his camper and he's towing a Jeep.

We spent most of our time here doing laundry, planning together, and camper repairs. We have had a couple of issues, but between George and Duane, they found a solution to the muffler on the generator and we are ready to continue.

Drove: 117 miles on 6/2

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