Sunday, June 11, 2017

June 11: Closer to the Alaskan Highway

We woke to 39 degrees and 34 degrees wind chill. Thankfully, the camper was about 20 degrees warmer than that! We were thankful that we were not in the 103-degree heat index at home, not in the path of the thunderstorm that went through the Twin Cities during this day. We were to learn later in the day that everything at our home was okay, but many people were out of electricity or had their homes damaged by incredible 1.5 inches or more hail.

We left the Spring Hill RV Campground around 8 am and went north on Highway 22 toward Highway 43 and up to Whitecourt, Alberta.

The mountains after the storm to the west that we avoided were white with snow.

What a beautiful site! There was sunshine on the mountains, but cloudy where we traveled. We were in cloudy skies most of the day and only a little rain.

Our goal tomorrow is to make it to mile zero on the Alaskan Highway at Dawson Creek.

Animal sightings:
  • There was a deer along one field that pranced like a fancy horse. It was a delightful dance.
  • We had a black bear cross the road in front of us that was quite a good size.
  • Also, we saw a herd (it that correct?) of horses that were running across a field. There were at least 8 foals with them. It was great to see this wild and joyful display!
  • On the overhead sign above a ranch road, it said “Bob the Welder: Gateway to the World of Welding.” It might have been fun to see what Bob offered in lessons.
  • On a sign for an Esso station, it declared that it was a “stunning pee stop.” Not quite sure what that meant.
  • The best thing today, however, and I wish we had a picture of it, was a derrick that someone had decorated it with a cowboy on a horse. When the derrick went up and down, it looked like the cowboy was riding a bucking bronco. Very cute!
Drove: 250 miles

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