Sunday, June 18, 2017

June 14: On toward Fort Nelson

It rained overnight again and we woke to cloudy skies. Here’s an example of the sights we are able to see. 
They have cleared large areas along side of the highway, partly as a firebreak, but also so animals are more visible for passing motorists. However, because of it, they like the fresh grass and other new plants. They are also attracted to the salt on the edge of the highway.

 We came across two Stone Sheep! They are darker and a little smaller than the bighorn of the Rocky Mountains and indigenous to northern BC and southern YT.

However, we did not see the mountains. There is a beautiful viewpoint at the top of Summit Peak and a mountain called Indian Head, and also a Teetering Rock. None of these was visible through the fog and rain!

We ended up at a rest area where a creek came into the Tetsa River. There was a path to the river and a beaver dam. The water was clear and cold, but oh so beautiful!
Drove: 234 miles

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