Thursday, June 1, 2017

Catch Up: May 29-31

May 29: Starting from home on Memorial Day, 2017.

We drove up to Grand Forks, ND where we will be working from September 1 to Mid-November. Duane will be driving semi for the harvest again, and I hope to find temp work while I am there. Because of this, Duane drove the camper and I drove our Sable up to the farm. We left our car at the farm so that I have it available in September.

It was good to visit with Kyle at the farm.

The drive was a bit challenging for Duane as we were in 13-18 mph winds with gusts above that. And we were in and out of rain most of the way.      Drove: 323 miles

May 30: Leaving the farm and headed west.

We had a great nights rest and a large breakfast. After Duane did some paperwork for the farm, we did a couple of errands and were on highway 2 out of Grand Forks by 10:30a.

We drove by Michigan (ND) today and the geographic center of North America at Rugby. At Turtle Lake, we stopped to see Rusty the turtle.

We found a wonderful camping spot at West Arroda campsite off of ND 200, west of Washburn. It's a wonderfully quiet dispersed site just off the road and behind the hill (very little traffic noise). There were a lot of starlings flitting off of the water catching bugs, ducks and a very large muskrat nearby.

We finally drove into clear skies and 64 degrees.       Drove: 295 miles

May 31: Off to Theodore Roosevelt National Park

We didn't have far to go today, so took our time at breakfast and watching the birds on the water. We're not sure what they were, but they dove just like loons. We couldn't catch their coloring.

We stopped at the ND Badlands overlook and saw wild horses there.

After entering the park, we drove the 36 mile loop that brings you to many overlooks. Some looked over the same badlands area. There is one area called the Windy Canyon Walk where wind, rather than water, etches the landscape--and here we are:

After the drive, we settled into our very bad campsite. The description of the campsite was that it was a drive-through--it was not. The site was more suited to a tent than an RV. If we had been much longer, we would not have fit into the spot.

Oddities for the Day:

  • Center, ND has a diner called the Square Butt(e) Diner
  • Salem, ND has its own large cow
Animals Seen Today:
  • Of course, we see cows, sheep, and horses. This listing is for "wildlife" sightings!
  • Buffalo
  • Wild Horses
  • Prairie Dogs
  • Muskrat
  • Loons?
  • Magpies and Goldfinches

It was a beautiful 72 degrees and sunny.                           Drove: 172 miles

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