Sunday, June 18, 2017

June 15: Toward Watson Lake

We woke up to sunny skies in our rest area and were able to take new pictures of the beaver dam. The blue of the water was quite vivid.

It was sunny, yet there were low clouds. Here is Stone Mountain:
 Can you see it? Maybe in this closer look.

Then we were able to see the Sawtooth Mountains, an accurate description of the row of mountains in this range.

Our next stop was the hot springs at Liard. Duane dipped there with some of the people that we have net along the way. Here you see Steve and Robert, friends we have met along the way. 

The closer you got to the hot spring (in the background) the hotter the water became.

Along the road, we did see a moose, but it was too late to stop and there was no wide place in the road to stop. At a stop later on, we encountered bison. There were several adults and three young ones.

Still further, down the road we encountered two black bear. One was close enough to the road for us to get a great look at him/her (I didn’t want to get close enough to find out!).

That evening we stayed at Tags RV Campground (not very impressive, but it did have showers and laundry). Across from the campground is an information center and the Watson Lake Sign Forest. This began as a small expression of people’s hometown and blossomed into over 83,000 signs. There is no way to look at all of them, so you just hope you see something interesting. Here are some that I found:

Drove: 226 miles

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